Manny Scott

Friday, April 28 - Third General Session keynote speaker


Powerful. Riveting. Moving. Manny Scott's session at the ASBO International Annual Meeting and Expo was all of these things, and now OASBO is bringing Manny and his phenomenal story to you at the 2017 Annual Workshop.

While each of us may have sat through a down-on-their-luck turnaround presentation at other conferences, we guarantee you have never left a session feeling quite they way you will after being in the presence of Manny Scott.

By age 16, Manny’s story was almost over. His father was incarcerated, he missed 60-90 days of school annually from 4th to 9th grade, he dropped out of school at age 14, he lived in 26 places by age 16, and his best friend was brutally murdered.

It was at his lowest that he found himself sitting next to a complete stranger on a park bench. That man connected with him, encouraged him, and inspired him to write a different story—to create a new life; and Manny turned the page.

He returned to school with a new attitude and purpose, and ended up in the back of Erin Gruwell’s English class—a group now known worldwide as the Freedom Writers, portrayed in the 2007 hit MTV movie.

In his journal, Manny began writing—and dreaming about—new, more fulfilling chapters in his life- chapters filled with healing, hope, perseverance, and possibility. Through very hard work, and with the help of others, Manny has achieved many of those journaled dreams.

He is now the author of three books, happily married, a doting father of three, a pilot, a Ph.D. student, and one of the nation’s most sought after speakers.

Scott's message is that your presence in a school district can make a difference, and he implores listeners to try to connect; to "Make Your Mark!"

In 2007, he founded Ink International, an educational consulting firm that has empowered nearly two million people to improve the quality of not only their own lives, but also the lives of those around them. Ink has helped hundreds of organizations raise student achievement and leader effectiveness in 48 states and four continents; and Ink has helped prevent thousands of dropouts and suicides.

All year, OASBO President Ryan Jenkins has been asking members to "Find Your 'Why.'" By the end of Scott's presentation, those who are still searching should have an answer.